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Home Gym Design Service  (Services Page) 

Are you dreaming of a home or garage gym but not sure where to begin? Maybe you have an idea of the training style you’d like to be able to do but can’t figure out what equipment you need and how it will all fit together. We get it. With our Home Gym Design service, you can talk to an expert who will help convert your garage, bedroom, or office from idea to incredible in creating your dream home gym. Fill out the form below to schedule your design consultation. 

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Why Intern with Human Performance Solutions?

  • Gain work experience

  • Build your network in the field

  • Develop new skills and refine others

  • Gain confidence in your abilities

  • Access to benefits and resources


The Human Performance Solutions internship program is an incredible learning opportunity that will dramatically improve your coaching skills beyond the classroom. The internship program is a hands-on, learn by doing based program in which you will have the chance to coach athletes ranging from the middle school to professional level along with adult and general fitness clientele under the supervision of our qualified staff of Human Performance Coaches. Interns will become more familiar with the intricacies of all areas related to human performance including:

  • Program design

  • Methodology and systems

  • Periodization and planning

  • Strength & power

  • Performance Nutrition

  • Acceleration & Speed Training

  • Performance Therapy

  • Technique and mechanics


As a Human Performance Intern you would have the opportunity to compliment your hands-on learning experience with participation in our weekly staff in service which focuses on continuing education in a classroom style learning environment. We work closely with our internship participants to develop coaching, assessment, and program design skillset to compliment career aspirations within the athletic performance industry. Our goal is for you to develop a deep understanding of the ins, outs, and whys of programming along with acquiring a valuable knowledge of the strength and conditioning field. Additionally, all interns may be provided with Human Performance Solutions apparel.  



Human Performance internships are scheduled according to traditional academic semesters and summer vacation. Interns are asked to work a minimum of 30 hours per week throughout the duration of their program.

  • Fall: September – December (2 Positions) Application Deadline: May 1st

  • Spring: January – May (2 Positions) Application Deadline: August 1st

  • Summer: June – Aug (2 Positions) Application Deadline: February 1st


If you are interested in any of these internship positions, please email a copy of your resume and cover letter to

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