Do you live out of the area or does your schedule not leave you enough time to get in and train with us? Go Remote! With Human Performance Solutions Remote Training Service, you aren’t just emailed a random workout and left to fail. Following the initial inquiry, the set up includes a “face to face” meet & greet to conduct an evaluation and general discussion of where you are and where you want to go with your program. We will be available to answer any questions, you may have via email and also checking in with scheduled video calls during each training block to discuss how your training has been progressing.


Every 4 weeks you receive a personalized training card delivered to your inbox with video demonstrations of any movements you may not be familiar with, followed by a consultation to ensure you are fully aware of how-to setup and execute the training. Each exercise on your program will be hyperlinked to a demonstration video so you have your Human Performance Coach is your pocket when you need them.


This option is perfect for:

  • Garage Gym Owners

  • Commercial Gyms

  • Hotel Gyms / Minimal Equipment


Having the proper equipment is essential for optimal results. Below is the equipment we recommend to our clients when beginning a program with HPS.