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The first step to get started in the training with us will be to complete our New Client Interest Form. Click the button below to complete this short form and we will be in touch within 24 hours. 



In this training model the clients begin with a thorough evaluation. We use this first session to gather the information necessary to prepare the first block of entirely individualized training materials. Following the assessment, athletes execute personalized training plans in a small group setting with a maximum client to coach ratio of 4 to 1. New clients can expect the first couple of weeks of training with us to be coaching intensive to set the foundation to build upon. Exercise prescription is never generalized since each athletes’ goals, sports, and biomechanics are unique. Based on your individual needs, your programs may include the following: 

  • Linear & Multi Directional Speed Development

  • Acceleration 

  • Strength & Power Development

  • Agility & Plyometric Training 

  • Energy Systems Development 

  • Mobility &  Flexibility 

  • Body Mass Management 

  • Vertical Jump Training 

  • Technique & Mechanics


Human Performance Solutions clients have a custom training portfolio to track progress and monitor where you’ve been and where you’re headed in terms of development. This card includes your current workout, prior training data, and prescribed weights for each day. 


Because we view performance from a holistic view, we take pride in being able to also provide tools and resources for members to track what’s going on outside of the facility that may affect their performance including sleep, nutrition, and stress.  

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Do you live out of the area or does your schedule not leave you enough time to get in and train with us? Go Digital! With Human Performance Solutions Custom Digital Training Service, you aren’t just emailed a random workout and left to fail. Following the initial inquiry, the set up includes an evaluation and discussion of where you are and where you want to go with your program. With HPS Digital you have elite level programming and expert coaching at your fingerprints!


Each week you receive a personalized training card delivered directly to your phone or tablet with video demonstrations of each movement, followed by a consultation to ensure you are fully aware of how-to setup and execute the training. You will also receive coaching cues and a direct messaging feature so your Human Performance Coach is in your pocket when you need them.


This option is perfect for:

  • Garage Gym Owners

  • Commercial Gyms

  • Hotel Gyms / Minimal Equipment


Having the proper equipment is essential for optimal results. Below is the equipment we recommend to our clients when beginning a custom digital program with HPS. 


Invest in your team so they can perform their best. We offer customized team training solutions designed for teams, clubs, and corporate entities focused on enhancing their performance. Our team training programs are not just about building strength and endurance; they are a powerful tool for fostering teamwork and cohesiveness within your group.​ On-site and off-site training solutions are available year-round and are a great value for players, coaches, and parents looking to build team chemistry and results that translate!

What happens in Team Performance Training?


  • Custom Programming

  • Speed & Strength Training

  • Power and Plyometric Training

  • Energy Systems Training

  • Injury Reduction Strategies

  • Team Building Exercises

  • Teamwork &  Camaraderie 

  • Gain an Edge on the Competition

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